Sepanta Electronic products

flame sensor AGD01, Sepanta Electronic products
flame detector AGD01
Sepanta Electronic Tabarestan products, flame detector SAX-200
AGD01-DU flame, Sepanta product
flame sensor AGD01-DU
dsp controller
DSP controller
customized board design, IGBT-Isolated-Drivers
IGBT Driver

Sepanta Electronic products include design and manufacture of various types of electronic systems and sub-systems, electronic-power, digital electronic, as well as computer software packages. It also includes design and manufacture of various switched-mode power supply, high and medium voltage motor drivers, IGBT drivers, various IGBTs based on power electronics, TMS320F28335 electronic control circuits, and high voltage thyristor rectifiers.

Various industrial flame detectors and custom-made as well as specialized boards are from among other Sepanta Electronic products; and, reliable global brands due to are replaced by them due to observation of international standards, holding confirmations from important industrial centers in Iran including petrochemical, oil and gas as well as power plant industries. In all products manufactured by Sepanta Electronic Tabarestan, international reliable standards e.g. ATEX and EMC are observed and we have made efforts to design and promote our products consistent with the most updated global technologies.