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flame detectors, installed in various industries such as power plant, petrochemical, oil and gas and steel industries is one of Sepanta Electronic’s honors. The satisfaction of our customers with flame detection systems made in Iran is always the most important driving force for us to try and continue this path. Now, after several years of efforts, many industries have completely replaced the foreign brandswith the flame detectors of SET. We in Sepenta Electronics Tabaristan consider this trust as our biggest asset. We are always proud of it and appreciates our managers and professionals.

Flame scanners produced by Sepenta, unlike the products of domestic competitors, have not gone through the process of reverse engineering and copying of foreign brands. Rather, they have a completely indigenous design. For this reason, they have the ability to respond to a wide range of needs of different industries and in all conditions. In this way, Sepenta specialists are able to design flame detectors and all kinds of specialized boards related to it according to the different needs of customers.

In the above pictures, some of the installed film scanners of Sepenta Electronics Tabaristan in different industries is displayed. The presence of completely Iranian flame detectors alongside reputable foreign brands, of course with better performance according to our customers, is a great honor for Sepenta Electronics of Tabaristan and our beloved country of Iran.