Flame Detector

Flame detector or flame monitoring systems are used to detect flame inside combustion chambers, boilers, and furnaces. One of the prevalent dangers in chemical and refining industries is explosion and fire. Mixture of liquid discharges and flammable gases with oxygen in the air will burn. Delay in detecting the dying flame can lead to disastrous consequences like explosion of the chamber, bringing about high financial damages. Therefore flame scanner performance is highly important.

Flame detector and its different types of performance

Flame detector can trigger an alarm at the time of fire so that related safety process to flammable materials would be increased. Some of flame sensors try to protect peoples’ safety more through turning ignition system off or activating fire fighting system. One of the detection methods of flame is using optical sensors. Optical sensors receive light and produce electrical signals. The more would be intensity of light; the bigger would become output signal range from the sensor.

Considering the aforementioned, it can be concluded that using this type of sensors helps flame detection from far distance. The biggest problem in using optical sensors to detect flame is disruptions resulted from background light as well as behavioral changes of sensor with temperature changes. To prevent such disruptions, best method of flame detection is measurement of instant and frequent changes of flame. All industrial flame detection systems are required to use this method.

Also, using self-care systems to assure correct performance of these types of systems is a must. Sepanta Electronic Tabarestan Co. is honorable as the first knowledge-based company in Iran to present flame sensors for industrial usage with the above mentioned characteristics.

Applications of Flame Scanner

  • Power stations;
  • Chemical industries;
  • Refineries;
  • Cement factories;
  • Steam generators;
  • Waste incinerators; and,
  • Heating system for plants.
sut100 flame detector, flame scanner sepanta electronic tabarestan

UV Flame Scanner Spectral Range 190 to 300 nM

Features of Sut100 Flame Sensor

  • Uv sensitivity Range
  • Ambient temperature from -20 up to +125 (up to 185 with cooling case)
  • Fast response time
  • Water or air cooling is optionaly available
Flame detector AGD01, flame sensor

Two Color Flame Sensor, Wide Spectral Response Range from UV through IR (200nm … 2700nm)

Characteristics of AGD01 Flame Sensor

  • Wide range sensitivity limit under ambient temperature -20 to+85ᵒ
  • Designing dual external channel;
  • Measurement of flame flickering frequency; and,
  • Measurement of flame flickering.
sax200, flame detector

Compact Flame Detector for all industrial burners Ultra-Violet and Infra-Red radiation technology

Facilities provided by SAX-200 Flame Detector

  • Integrated flame sensor and analyzer unit design;
  • Response range of ultra violate to infrared;
  • Sensitivity range of ambient temperature from -20 to +70
  • Designing dual channel to measure flame intensity;
  • Measurement of flame intensity; and,
  • Measurement of flame light frequency.
flame scanner, flame scanner AGD01-DU,AGD01-DU

Digital Flame Detector Solid State Flame Sensor, With High UV Spectrum Sensitivity

Characteristics of AGD01-DU Flame Scanner

  • Wide sensitivity range in ambient temperature from -20 to +85
  • Capability of adjustment to various combustion chambers;
  • Measurement of flame ray frequency;
  • Measurement of flame light; and,
  • Measurement of flame intensity.
flame scanner tlx، دتکتور شعله یاب AGD01-TLx

 Solid State Flame Sensor, Wide spectral response range from UV through IR

Features of AGD01-TlX Flame Scanner

  • Wide sensitivity range for ambient temperature from -20 up to +85
  • Dual channel design throughout
  • Measurement of flame flicker frequency;
  • Measurement of flame brightness
  • Measurement of flame intensity.
سنسور شعله بین و دتکتور شعله یاب AGD01-Tlx-OE-converter

 Solid State Flame Scanner, Wide spectral response range from UV through IR (230 nm…1100 nm)

Characteristics of AGD01-TlX OE Converter

  • Wide sensitivity range for ambient temperature from -20 up to +85
  • Measurement of flame flicker frequency;
  • Measurement of flame density
  • Measurement of flame intensity.