EMC and ATEX Certificates for Sepanta Electronic products

Certificates of ATEX and EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) standards are from among the most important standard certificates successfully received by Sepanta Electronic in line with reliable foreign brands. Reliable certificates and confirmations as for flame detection systems are considered as very vital all around the world; because, flame detectors are used in combustion chambers. Any type of dysfunction in the device can be disastrous. Receiving certificate of these standards along with membership in the approved vendor list (AVL) of Iranian Oil Company is indicative of quality and power of flame detectors manufactured by Sepanta Electronic.

ATEX Standard

ATEX standard (directives for controlling explosive atmosphere) is one of the most reliable international standards under jurisdiction of European Union and guaranteeing quality of electrical or mechanical equipments in potentially explosive atmospheres. Accordingly, SAX200 and AGD01 flame detectors manufactured by Sepanta Electronic are anti-explosive and can be installed inside combustion chambers, with high assurance.

EMC Standard

Electromagnetic compatibility standard (EMC) is one of the most reliable standards. As far as flame detectors are mainly used in industrial environments full of radio waves and electrical surge; successful test results in terms of performance of flame detectors against such waves and electrical shocks are very important in various industries. Fortunately, Sepanta Electronic flame detectors have got the certificate with high grade.

SABALAN Certification
explosion proof certificate
flame scanner certification
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Membership in Approves Vendor List of National Iranian Oil and Gas Companies

Listed in AVL used by National Iranian Oil Company is another honor for Sepanta Electronic and considered as a guarantee for any future purchase made of our company either by Iranian Oil Co. or petrochemical companies as well as oil and gas refineries. Notably, all flame detectors manufactured by Sepanta Electronic are currently installed inside refineries, bearing M.E.S.C. code.