About Sepanta Electronic Tabarestan

History of Sepanta Electronic

Sepanta Electronic Tabarestan as the first Iranian Company producing flame detection system introduced first Iranian flame detection system into the market in 2014. Till that time, BFI flame detector has been considered as the most reliable brand of precision instrumentation systems dominantly used in vital industries of the country like oil, gas, and power plants. These film scanners have been installed on V942 turbines (German Siemens) and Ansaldo (Italian). Even when these turbines have been no more used in operational cycle of Iranian industries, BFI flame detectors have been still installed on Iranian SGT-600 and SGT-700 turbines.

By intensification of sanctions in 2014 and exit of reliable foreign brands including BFI from Iranian market, repeated repair requests for repair of flame detection system have been sent to Sepanta Electronic by power plant industries. At that time, we have been active in the field of designing custom-made boards and repair. Power plant industries have been satisfied with the results from our repair experiments of BFI flame detection systems; however, capabilities of Sepanta Electronic motivated its managers to think of producing an Iranian flame detection system so that it would be considered as an honor for our dear country and to satisfy requirements of various Iranian industries to this important device. Accordingly, R&D experts began reverse engineering of BFI flame detection systems sot that being familiar with work principle of flame detection systems, a good and powerful product would be entering the market.

Manufacturing the First Iranian Flame Detector

In 2015, sensor and monitor sections of an analogue flame detection system have been designed through reverse engineering. Not only test stages have been passed in one of the power plants of the country; but also, reports provided by experts there has been indicative of its superior quality.

“Average life time of flame sensors in BFI flame scanners is about 18 to 24 months. However, flame scanners installed by Sepanta Electronic have about six years record of being installed on gas turbines of power plants (till 2020) with good function”. Successes achieved have led R&D group to develop work and provide local and innovative models of flame detection systems. In continuation, different brands of flame detection systems like ABB, Durag, and new series of BFI like CFC1000, CFC2000, and Fireye will be studied. Considering market development and it not being limited to V942 turbines, based on studies and experiments obtained during reverse engineering (2016), first completely local digital sample of flame detection system called AGD01 has been introduced in to the market by Sepanta Electronic Tabarestan Co. This has been used as the basis for designing the next flame detectors. From among important capabilities of this flame scanner, reference can be made to flame flickering and intensity as intensity parameters of flame. These two parameters assure operator of the flame scanner working within its optimal limit. Also, it provides assurance of the point that in case of additional load or change of fuel type or quality, it wouldn’t be easily out of its optimal point.

Till present time, Sepanta has been able of leaving reliable foreign brands behind and replacing them in important Iranian industries. However, surely this is not the end and with the help of God and hard efforts made by experts in our dear country, the company’s product development will be continued.

List of industries receiving services from Sepanta Electronic:

  • Electric power plant industry in the country;
  • Petrochemical industries and those related;
  • Recycling industry;
  • Cement industry; and,
  • Steel industry.