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SAX 200 compact flame scanner


Compact Flame Detector for all industrial burners


Two Color Flame Sensor, Wide Spectral Response

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Flame detector plays an important role in maintenance of safety in combustion chamber and any kind of mistake in detection of flame formation can lead to irreparable damages. Flame detector by Sepanta Electronic Tabarastan Co. are designed in a way that when flame dies, safety system will command for fuel valve to be closed within one second. As a result, fuel accumulation within combustion chamber and probable explosion would be prevented.

Our Experts in Sepanta Electronic Tabarestan assist you in all stages of need assessment and identification of best flame scanner from design to installation to be appropriate for your industry as well as specialized side boards required. Full 18 months guarantee of products manufactured by Sepanta Electronic are symbol of our assurance level regarding quality of our flame detection systems.

List of services rendered by Sepanta Electronic

  • Specialized consultation and need assessment to select appropriate device;
  • Installation services;
  • Full 18 month guarantee of all of the products; and,
  • 10 years of site and workshop repair services.

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